You truly are a work of art!
Nickki Lynch

How wonderful did God make thee! Your eyes, hands and even knees are blessed with God-given talent. Your love of life and depth of spirituality is obvious in your actions and the faces and spirits you share with us--our five children,

Kristine and Jerry Wiebelhaus

Once again, you've created magic!
Pat Johnson

Every day I look at the portraits that you did of Kathleen as a two year old (sixteen years ago) and think of what "treasures" they truly are. These (portraits) are truly special possessions for my family. I viewed your website and loved the new additions to your property and the continued excellence of the photography. Now it is time to discuss Kathleen's senior pictures!
Ginny Allen

Keep in Touch

And now it's time for me to rave about my faithful clients. Cheers! Applause! Encore! I hope you will see my website as a Tribute to You, whether or not your images are in far.

My clients know that electronics cannot truly convey the poetry without words that they read in the images on their walls. The soundless music in your canvases enters the stillness between your thoughts and allows you to dream a greater dream and feel a deeper love.

Countless tender hearted people have shared their happiness with me. They know the secret of living their lives fully and feeling gratitude for the people with whom they share love. You have opened my heart in countless ways and I re-experience the Joy! of photographing your loved ones, as I review your images, even decades after the portrait session.

May all your Dreams come true!

Your Photographer... With a Smile,


Marijane, you have our vote. We will refer you to everyone and anyone.
David J Crane & Family

Wow! You captured images and emotions of all of us that even exceeded what I expected...
Jennifer Rendel

The emotion you captured is breathtaking.
Terry and Ivan Miller

Never put off capturing important memories; seize the moment.
Carolyn Halteman

As a six year old, I hated getting up at 6 am to take pictures. But now, 10 or 11 years later, it was worth it. And I wouldn't give it up. Which is why I came back.
Raiser Patron

All my children had a great time that day
Laurie Bremmer

Thank you for the wonderful heirlooms.
Dr. Rosemarie Jones

Innocence is so precious these days and you are able to capture it.
Sharon Packard

You captured what no one else could for the most important day of my life. My wedding.
Stephanie Strong
Thanks for the wonderful time we had during the shooting of Stephanie's bridal portraits.
Judy Strong

...your talent to see the heart and soul is a true gift. She will always be "Sweet Sixteen."
Sharon Wright

When people come to our house we always show (our portrait) to them, and they GASP in awe. Even when my friends come back to my house, they want to see the picture--each time, they and even I, think it's more beautiful.
Jenny Howard

In addition you taught our family to appreciate the beauty of light.
Lori Tomey

...touching..."It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye." Cheri and John Goll (and the next session:) Always a pleasant surprise how wonderful the images -- you have an eye for the essential.
Cheri Goll

Marijane, I cannot tell you how much we have enjoyed and admired our portrait paintings. They are truly masterpieces! We show them off to all our visitors.
Rae Rae Koester

The early morning light was worth getting up for!
Sharon Gleason

My Best hour in the last 10 years was the projection session.
Meghan Gleason

You did a great job with all our requests. Thank you so much for giving us wonderful moments.
Dan and Andi Montgomery,

What beautiful pictures - I absolutely love them. I think the one of me with the kids will also be cherished when I'm gone - how I would love to have had one with my own mother who passed away young. Thank you SO much for capturing their personalities and innocence. You are awesome!
Angela Huffman

I have the pictures of the kids in my entryway. When people come in they don't see the rest of the house. They focus on the portrait.
Margaret Francis

Through your gift of a wonderful eye and talent you have afforded me the ability to keep a sharp memory of a wonderful time in my life. The tears that come to me are of joy - not pain.
Brett Dennis

I want to share with you what my husband, Dan, said as he was sizing up the year (the best year of his life!) He said his favorite thing that we did all year was to have you photograph our children. We love all of the ones you took...They seem to be at the perfect ages (2,4,6 & 8) for a lasting memory. My oldest sister cried the first and the second time she saw the portrait of the kids. She wishes she had had similar photos taken of her children when they were small. Thank you for making a beautiful memory we will always cherish.
Libby Whipple

Our precious "baby" is now 17 and how precious it is to see her bloom in Marijane's artistry. It seems like yesterday we were taking "baby" pictures of Megan. Now, she's graduating from high school and these pictures make me realize she's own up. When did this happen! Thank you for capturing the beauty of this truly special person.

The first time I viewed portraits by Marijane Scott I was amazed by her talent! Even though I lived in Houston, Texas, I was determined for her to capture another beautiful photo, but this time it would be of the special relationship I have with my daughter. Not only was the photograph beautiful, but it also defined our relationship and the love we have for one another. That is what photography is all about. Thanks for the memories!
Deniss J. Edwards

Kathy and I feel very fortunate that you came into our lives. I looked long and hard for someone to capture my wife's beauty and kindness and you have done it perfectly. This is just the beginning for our relationship. We will be trusting you in the future to help us capture the spirit and vitality not just of us but of our children and grandchildren as well. Thank you sounds too simple, but it carries deep emotion from both of us. Jay Lewis (Later) Our daughter's beautiful bridal portrait graces the entrance of our home.
Kathy and Jay Lewis

The photographs are so good, I just can't believe. They perfectly capture her personality.

The portraits are so beautifully unique! They're precious and heirlooms forever.
Paul Dubenetsky

The colors are so vivid and the angel portraits are so "heavenly."
Craig and Linda Elliott

I have never seen so many good pictures of us at once! I felt like I was going to cry! Just amazing and so unusual.

We will treasure these photographs for years to come. The setting is so much like little Hummels. Thanks for the opportunity to share our little "angels" with you.
Kay Harvey

This was a spectacular experience - exceeding all of our expectations. Your talent and creativity really "shine." Best of luck in business and life. May God Bless you.
The Brater Family

The portraits are so unique and beautiful. They are way beyond anything we have had done in the past. No one ever misses them! Everyone who visits makes a comment about the - we love them. Thank you.
Trish Leavitt

Coming soon: Marijane Magazine: Please send us digital images of how you have decorated your home with canvas portraits and paintings by Marijane, and how they make you feel.

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